Cool tricks to ‘do your makeup quickly’ for quick beauty on a rush day.

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No matter how rushed you are, don’t be afraid because we have a simple makeup trick that’s quick and beautiful without fear of it falling off. Which girl always wakes up late? Or if you often have important and urgent business, you need to take a look and collect these tricks to use. Guaranteed to not waste time when getting dressed. And no matter how much you hurry, you can still be beautiful. No need to go out of the house with a fresh face.

BB Cream, a great item to set your face to be beautiful.

If you want to speed up your makeup application, forget about applying skin cream. But it’s better to turn to using a multi-purpose BB cream like this. Because in BB creams there are often facial skin care substances added together. It also contains sun protection ingredients. and the goodness that makes BB cream suitable for use during urgent times It’s more than a foundation cream. Light texture that blends easily Similar to applying lotion No need to worry about applying foundation unevenly. This first step only takes 1 minute, but it’s a ยูฟ่าเบท beautiful, complete formula including nourishment, sun protection, and smooth, perfect skin.

Loose powder masks oiliness.

The next step is Applying loose powder to control oiliness Because it’s just BB cream. The facial skin may not be perfect enough. I need to find loose powder to apply to my face. To absorb a little bit of oil In addition to helping absorb the skin well. It also helps set the face to look perfect all day long. The secret to applying powder quickly is Use a large makeup brush to brush and blend the powder. This will be more detailed and smooth than using your hands. This step takes another minute.

Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara

Quick beauty tips for eyebrows, from girls who already have beautiful eyebrows. You probably don’t have to waste time trying to figure out the angle for drawing your eyebrows. Because of gently brushing eyebrow mascara It helps make the eyebrow lines look better within the blink of an eye. For any girls who don’t have any eyebrows at all. There was an eyebrow pencil that came to the rescue. When writing, you shouldn’t draw too large a line. Just make it fit the original eyebrow shape. So you don’t have to waste time adjusting the shape. For this point People who only apply mascara should take about 30 seconds, while those who quickly fill in their eyebrows should take 1 minute.

Mascara adds bounce to eyelashes.

No matter how much chaos there is or how late you wake up However, never forget to apply mascara to make your eyelashes bouncy and beautiful. Because applying mascara makeup your eyelashes look thick and fluffy. That will help create a look for girls to instantly become beautiful and sweet. How to apply eyelashes during rush hour like this You can do this by brushing each eyelash 2 times. If you have a little more time, brush it again, but you have to do it for only 1 minute.

Lipstick or lip gloss adds color to make your lips perfectly beautiful.

Completely beautiful until almost every step is finished. Beautiful, smooth skin, perfect eyebrows, and big, round eyes. The only thing missing is adding bright colors to the face. If you want to be completely beautiful within 5 minutes, you must choose whether to give your cheeks or colorful lips. But let me tell you first what can change our personality the most. It’s probably impossible to avoid wearing lipstick. If you have to choose to add color, you should choose to add color to your lips. It’s both easy and will definitely get the results you want. The secret is that the color of lipstick or lip gloss should be bright colors such as pink, orange, red, purple, etc. Nude tones should be avoided. Otherwise, your face will be too pale. This step takes 1 minute.