Ways to choose flour Don’t let it get clogged with acne.

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For girls with acne problems Of course, you don’t want to use facial products blindly because you don’t know if using them will cause acne to flare up again, especially for girls with acne who like to wear makeup. Even more, you must choose cosmetics that are specially suitable for your facial skin condition, such as loose powder, because there are many types of loose powder, both in terms of value and oiliness. both with a smooth face Acne treatment loose powder, a good helper that helps girls with acne face make their makeup smooth and clear. It also helps reduce the risk of acne very well.

How to choose powder to avoid clogged pores.

Choose a powder that does not contain talc.

Talcum is a substance that is found in a lot of talcum powder near us, including baby powder, cooling powder, and ufabet https://ufabet999.app various talcum powders. If we inhale it for a long time, this substance will accumulate in the lungs as lumps. Causing respiratory disease to follow. In infants, it may cause pneumonia. A good way before buying, ladies, is to check the label carefully first. You should choose to buy powder that says Talc-free, that is, without Talc.

How to observe : Labels with the names Talc, Talcum, and Magnesium Silicate indicate that these substances are ingredients.

Choose a powder that doesn’t contain mineral oil.

Mineral Oil is a clear, colorless, odorless oil. It may seem clean and pure after listening to its name, helping to moisturize the skin, but actually this substance causes skin problems later. It looks like a thin film coating the surface, making it impossible to get rid of dirt beneath the surface layer. and also has a large molecular size Therefore, it tends to clog pores.

Choose a powder that doesn’t mix with silicone.

Silicone substances are another important factor that causes girls to get clogged pores. This substance is found in many types of powder and cosmetics. The advantage of silicone is that it makes the product soft. Easy to blend and waterproof When it’s waterproof Makes it very difficult to wash off. Silicone that cannot be completely washed off It will close off dead skin cells. Makes the facial skin unable to shed skin cells. It is the cause of clogged pores. You can get small pimples.

How to observe : Look at labels with names of substances ending in -cone or -siloxane. They are all silicone substances.

Choose a powder that doesn’t contain perfume.

For girls with sensitive skin, listen to this. Try to notice whether the facial powders we use today contain perfumes or not. Although perfume is not the direct cause of clogged pores, But powders that contain perfume may cause allergic reactions, red rashes and dry skin. Which if used for a long time, our skin will become unhealthy.

How to notice : Labels that have the word Perfume and if there are the words Fragrance-Free and Unscented are labeled as having no perfume.
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