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CloudMagic, the creators of a personal search application which, in February change of direction to become a search-driven messaging app, came out this morning with a major update. The company is introducing a new feature called “cards,” which lets you do more with your emails, by allowing you to complete workflows in your inbox. These can include things like updating a support ticket, saving data in Salesforce, creating a note in Evernote, bookmarking a link in Pocket, and more. .

Cards can be accessed by double-tapping the email message when it is open, or by tapping once on the small icon next to the sender’s name.

CloudMagic Founder and CEO Rohit Nadhani explains that the idea for cards arose from the fact that emails overlap with a number of other categories and their related activities including CRM, Helpdesk , collaboration, marketing automation, human resources and accounting, for example. What he means is that email is often just the starting point for extra work that needs to be done, and today that work is something that is hard to do from there. from a mobile device, due to its limited screen and the psychological overload of having to switch between applications.

Another email startup, Acompli, has a similar idea of ​​integrating workflows right into their email app, but instead of starting with third-party integrations, they focus more on the basics of the office, like your contacts. , your calendar and your files.

“The latest data shows that 70% of emails are read first on mobile and people are viewing mobile emails 40 times a day,” Nadhani notes. “On mobile, knowledge workers ‘live’ in the messaging app. CloudMagic Cards will allow users to complete workflows without leaving the email application, ”he says.

At launch, CloudMagic is releasing seven of its new cards, including Sender Profile (a contact card similar to Rapportive), Evernote, Pocket, Trello, Salesforce, Zendesk, and MailChimp. More maps are in the works, and the company is also opening up its platform so that any developer can display their own maps, if they wish.


When it comes to which cards CloudMagic will show up next, Nadhani says they’re taking a wait-and-see approach. “We’ll see which cards take off, then double that category,” he explains. “For example, if Salesforce takes off, we’ll publish maps for SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc.

Cards, both live and future, can address a number of use cases, from building contacts or leads, turning emails into support tickets, create tasks, save text or related articles for later reading, view sender profile data, and more.

Eventually, the idea will be to charge for some of these cards, but Nadhani says the price is yet to be determined. However, the company will be experimenting with different pricing plans starting in the second quarter.

While I personally miss CloudMagic’s previous search utility, its messaging app grew on me in the days following its launch. The company said it switched to email because it found, based on user logs, that 80% of CloudMagic users used the service primarily to find their inboxes, not their other cloud-connected services. . This led the company to believe that there were more opportunities to explore how email itself could be improved, including not only with better search, but also with other activities, such as new cards today.

Although Nadhani admits that few users switched from search to email when the new app launched in November 2013, followed by the search app shutting down the following February. But the premise that what users really wanted was better email seems to be true: The company is approaching half a million downloads for the email app, with 125,000 weekly assets and 75,000 daily assets. These last two figures increase by 15% and 19% respectively.

The Palo Alto-based startup was incubated and funded by Nadhani’s other company, Webyog, a maker of tools that help customers monitor and manage their databases. This allowed CloudMagic to skip start-up funding cycles and go straight to Series A, which it will likely do this year.

The new app is now available for both ios and Android.


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