East Ham, Goodmayes jailed for email hacking

East Ham, Goodmayes jailed for email hacking

June 24, 2019 6:15 p.m.

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Photo: Mohammed Siddique, Mohammed Rafeek, Meharoof Muttiyan

Two men from East Ham and one from Goodmayes have been jailed for their role in an email hacking group.

Mohammed Rafeek, 34, and Meharoof Muttiyan, 35, from East Ham and Mohammed Siddique, 32, from Goodmayes, along with two others attempted to steal more than £ 3million from a London businessman in 2015 .

The scam was carried out by altering the email account of a single victim, allowing emails to be sent without his knowledge and preventing him from consulting the messages of his accountant and his bank.

In January 2015, the group sent several emails from the victim’s account to his bank asking for payment to be made to a number of people. Payment was requested through fraudulent invoices containing account numbers belonging to the suspects.

Between January 8 and 13, 2015, around £ 1.3million was transferred to three accounts.

Detectives were able to identify each suspect through examination of bank, telephone and computer records. Over the course of several months, they have gathered key evidence of money trail, modes of communication, and individual device ownership related to the offenses.

Officers searched the home addresses of each suspect. They seized more than 50 electronic items, including computers, cell phones and digital storage devices.

Met Cyber ​​Crime Unit Detective Agent Barry Steel said: “This was a complicated and protracted investigation that uncovered a network of apparently legitimate businessmen involved in money laundering. large-scale proceeds of online crime.

“This case should demonstrate how committed the Met is to identifying, disrupting and prosecuting those who intend to commit crimes online and to protect people and businesses across the city.”

“The officers in charge of this case have spent years tracking down the actions of this group in order to bring them to court. They searched thousands of pieces of evidence and linked every suspect to this fraud. “

All five were found guilty by Southwark Crown Court on May 22 after a five-month trial and were sentenced there on June 21.

Mohammed Siddique, 32, of Goodmayes was convicted of three counts of money laundering and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Mohammed Rafeek, 34, of East Ham was convicted of two counts of money laundering and was jailed for two years and six months.

Meharoof Muttiyan, 35, of East Ham was convicted of money laundering and jailed for one year and eight months.

Foyjul Islam, 51, from Poplar was convicted of one count of money laundering and was sentenced to two years and six months in prison.

Anthony Oshodi, 49, from Eltham was convicted of one count of money laundering, one count of possession of a false identity document and three counts of possession of items for fraudulent use. He was jailed for six years and six months but fled three weeks after the start of the trial and was found guilty and sentenced in absentia.

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