Bernd Leno promises to show the Gunners to championship.

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Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno promises Arsenal fans will do well to help stop Manchester City in their clash this weekend.

Leno is preparing to guard Fulham in the important game at Craven Cottage to face Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday, May 11. UFABET 

“The Blues” want to win every remaining match to win the championship without having to care about Arsenal’s results. While Arsenal fans expect the Blues to miss out on at least a draw one shot. And their team must win the remaining 2 football matches in order to win the championship.

In the game where Fulham was dueling with Manchester City, Arsenal fans went to the comments and talked to Leno to help block the Blues. After the goalkeeper posted a message after the game helping the team not concede a goal in the 0-0 draw with Brentford.

Bernd Leno posted, “One more point and a clean sheet…2 more matches left” while Arsenal fans also went to talk. “Do it again next week, brother. Everyone is watching you.” 

Leno, who played for Arsenal between 2018 and 2022, then responded by saying: “Got it, boss!” as scores of Arsenal fans came to cheer him on.