Rivaldo sees Roque missing a chance to prove his skills.

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Vitor Roque is a talented player in Rivaldo’s eyes. But the 19-year-old striker is missing the opportunity to prove his talent with the Azulgrana football.

Rivaldo, the legendary Brazilian striker at Barcelona ​​has commented on Vitor Roque’s situation. Saying he is a talented player who needs a chance to prove himself with the Azulgrana. According to reports. From ‘Diario Sport’ last Monday.UFABET 

Vitor Roque was due to join the Azulgrana this summer. But Barcelona struggled to attract the player from Atletico Paranaense in January. Due to the problem of many injured players. But since arriving in Spain, the 19-year-old forward has played just 138 minutes in 11 games. 

That caused Andre Curie, Vitor Roque’s representative to come out and demand justice for the player and stated that. He plans to travel to Barcelona to discuss with the club about the player’s future. Confirming that if the 19-year-old forward moves to another agency this summer, it will be permanent, not a loan. According to reports from several media agencies.

Asked about his compatriot’s situation.

Rivaldo confirmed that Vitor Roque is a talented player and needs more opportunities to prove himself at Barcelona, ​​but he does not know if the club will offer him. How are those opportunities given to the players?

‘I think Vitor Roque missed a chance, they gave him only a few minutes of playing time to a good player in the Brazilian championship. He is very young and has not had the necessary opportunities to show his football.’

‘Sometimes this happens. He had no chance and now they believe the player would not be of any use to the club. So they will be looking for a transfer.’

‘I think Barcelona don’t know how to give him more chances. And he’s a good player, he has a future.’

Rivaldo admits he doesn’t know what caused Vitor Roque’s involvement. But it is confirmed that the 19-year-old striker has already shown his talent in Brazil.

‘From the outside I don’t know exactly what happened. And I don’t know what his daily life is like in training to see if he deserves a chance or not. But we know what he did at Atlético Paranaense and in the Brazilian Championship.’

‘I don’t know if it’s the lack of opportunities or if he didn’t show it in training at Barcelona and that’s why he didn’t get the chance.’