Launch of ExtraSecure, the world’s most secure iOS messaging app

HOUSTON, March 2, 2017 / PRNewswire / – Today, electronic communications security has reached a level never seen before with the launch of ExtraSecure, the most secure iOS messaging app with the tightest possible encryption and innovative productivity features. ExtraSecure’s zero-knowledge technology gives Apple iPhone and iPad users the peace of mind of knowing that their email communications are private. Using AES-256 end-to-end encryption, no one – foreign governments, businesses, or email providers – see the subject lines, content, or attachments.

ExtraSecure’s zero-knowledge capability enables a level of privacy that was previously only available to the military, NSA, or large corporations, while providing the convenience and ease of use of the iPhone. FIPS 140-2 compliant, ExtraSecure encrypts email on user’s iPhone or iPad and decrypts it on another ExtraSecure user’s iOS device, email, parts attachments and messages remaining private at all times without any outside party accessing them.

“ExtraSecure is for employees who want peace of mind knowing that their sensitive topic will remain private,” said Jesse tannahill, chief architect of ExtraSecure. “Other email providers have claimed end-to-end encryption, but every version we looked at had flaws and vulnerabilities. Our innovation has created an application that harnesses the inherent capabilities of the iPhone and iPad, including the automatic creation and secure storage of a highly complex password using Apple’s hardware and keychain technology. ExtraSecure never transmits or stores the user’s private key. It stays in a user’s keychain or on their Apple device. We never know what a user’s password is or the content of their emails. It’s zero knowledge. “

Password generated by ExtraSecure
Others claiming to offer no knowledge often require the user to generate and remember their own password. This compromises security as human nature prompts them to use models or rely on their history, which hackers can easily decipher. ExtraSecure’s software automatically generates a much more secure and completely random 32 character password for the user, which the iPhone or iPad conveniently, automatically and securely stores and manages.

“A user’s iPhone or iPad and their Apple Keychain securely and easily manage this complex, almost indecipherable password,” said Tannahill. “Put simply, ExtraSecure is designed so that the outside parties can’t read what you don’t want them to read.”

Users keep their email address
A second key differentiator is that many other security apps require every user to set up a brand new email address or change email providers, which undermines established lines of communication. ExtraSecure conveniently operates through a user’s existing email address and email provider, minimizing disruption.

Email organization
ExtraSecure organizes emails in a traditional inbox sorted by individual contacts. Contacts view shows a chronological list of the latest emails for each contact, making it quick to sort through a cluttered inbox. Each contact’s name appears only once, reducing the time it takes to review emails. Clicking on a contact displays a timeline of all communications specific to that contact, allowing users to efficiently find past emails and attachments.

Real life examples
ExtraSecure is ideal for individuals and small business teams who use iPhones and iPads and want to keep their emails and messages private for personal reasons, business agreements, legal matters, and intellectual property management. If a lawyer wants lawyer / client privilege with respect to electronic data, ExtraSecure provides it. If a patient corresponds with their doctor electronically, ExtraSecure makes sure that no one sees their important medical information. For those who want less government and corporate interference, ExtraSecure makes it possible. If an executive wants to keep trade secrets away from outside sources, ExtraSecure provides it. Simply put, ExtraSecure helps avoid cataclysmic situations that impact business, society, and life in general.

Developed by Austin Sigma, ExtraSecure is available immediately on Apple App Store for $ 9.99 a month, or $ 99.99 one year. All users can try it first with a 30 day free trial.

About ExtraSecure – ExtraSecure is an iPhone and iPad application that allows unconscious communication with other ExtraSecure users. Available through the Apple App Store, ExtraSecure sends and receives secure communications through users’ existing email addresses using nearly all email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and AOL. The app was created and is marketed by Austin Sigma, a technology company rooted in enterprise computing solutions.

About Austin SigmaTexasAustin Sigma was founded in 2016 by information technology veterans with experience at IBM and Texas Memory Systems. Within these organizations, the founders designed and developed high performance digital signal processing and solid state disk systems. Austin Sigma’s mission is to create communication and storage applications that provide users with exceptional levels of security and performance. Unlike other messaging apps, ExtraSecure provides rigorous security guarantees in an easy-to-use app that’s fully optimized for iPhone and iPad.

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