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Seth Rogen said he was “traumatized” by the email hacking scandal surrounding his comedy film The interview.

In 2014, Sony Entertainment Pictures was hacked and thousands of private company emails were released to the public.

Hackers also threatened to organize terrorist attacks during the screening of cinemas The interview, which told the story of a TV host (James Franco) and producer (Rogen) who plot to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un (Randall Park).

As a result, many American movie chains refused to screen the film, and The interview was eventually released digitally, with only a limited theatrical release.

Rogen said Cinema mix: “To tell the truth, after The interview we [Rogen and co-director Evan Goldberg] were a little traumatized, I think.

After that, Rogen moved away from cinema for a while and focused his efforts on the TV industry.

The Super bad star continued, “The idea of ​​getting into television and directing a lot of television shows and pilots, it was just a very educational experience for us.

“We wanted to try out a lot of different things as directors and work with different cinematographers, different actors, different tones, different styles. And it was actually an amazing learning experience for us. And after years of doing that, we feel like we’re ready to start making a big movie again. “

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